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Real estate marketing ideas from the best – David Azzato

Whether you use real estate marketing platforms or you request the help of professionals, you cannot achieve success in this field without a proper business plan and an efficient strategy. Your road will include both ups and downs, but as long as you stick to your plan and adjust to your market, you will succeed to accomplish your highest goals. Learn from David Azzato a few tricks to generate more real estate leads and about some mistakes you should avoid while on your way to success.

David Azzato’s advice

You must undertake a series of movements to boost your credibility with your clients, make them loyal and increase your profit steadily. Reach out to your prospective clients with a multi-channel approach and keep them updates to your news and offers. Send them personalized emails and soon after receiving your order, send them a message to express your gratitude and a few suggestions and information that they might be interested in.

As David Azzato recommends to those who wish to increase their revenues with real estate marketing, you ought to consider using retargeting to convert anonymous website visitors into leads. Arm yourself with the right tools and do not just sell a home – present to your clients all the houses that are available in a certain area. MLS Access – this multiple listing service – might be expensive, especially if you are a beginner, but you will find here 99% of the homes that are for sale and one of these properties is exactly what your client dreams to buy.

Invest in a home valuation website and let your clients know what they want to know most: the price of properties. Generate listings that your prospective clients would like to check regularly – and target those who are constantly logged on this website. Apart from the fact that these websites connect sellers with agents, sellers also increase considerably their chances to sell – and obtain a good price with their business.

Tips for better real estate marketing

What real estate agents must consider is that social media is a powerful tool when you aim to sell as many homes as possible. Use ads on Facebook and other social media platforms and convince those who see the ad to enter your website. Many of these ads can target a certain location, so sellers will give a click and become your prospective clients.

Run to get some likes – it is actually one of David Azzato’s recommendations. Get a Facebook business page, implement an appealing call to action on this page and pay attention to your market’s needs. Obtain their email address in return for something valuable to them and make sure you will obtain a persistent follow-up from your potential customers.

Pick a target instead of focusing on all of them. There is a niche and certain clients looking exactly for your service, so try your best to fulfill their demand. Your Facebook ad should reflect that, especially if you want to capture leads, hence their contact information, be it email or physical address. The rest should be piece of cake.

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