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Natural solution for a beautiful hair

One of the things that we can’t control in life is our age. We all grow old and we will all die one day and we can’t control this. But until we die why can’t we live a good life? Why when we grow old we start being weaker and weaker and we start looking older and older? Yes, one day we will look old. But what does it mean that we look old? What makes us look old? Well, the aspects that make us look old are our skin and our hair. One day on our skin will appear wrinkles and our hair will start falling. Yes, this is a very bad thing but we can stop it. At least the hair fall.

provillusBut we need to understand why our hair is falling. Well, usually people are blaming skin diseases or things like that but the real reason why our hair is falling are hormonal disorders. Yes… it may sound awkward but our hair is falling and the guilty for that are some hormones. I will explain you why.

Well… at men the hair is falling because the dihydrotestosterone is stopping the hair follicles feeding with blood. What is the dihydrotestosterone? The dihydrotestosterone is a very important hormone in our youth but as I said earlier it sticks to the hair follicles blocking the blood access to them, so they won’t get fed and the hair thread will get thinner and thinner until it will start falling.

At women the hair is falling because of a very similar problem: the hormonal disorder. A hyper active or hypo active thyroid could cause the hair thread get thinner and fall. So treating the thyroid should also stop the hair falling.

Another problem at women can be the menopause. Many women reported that their hair started falling after the menopause. Before the menopause only 13% of women are suffering from hair loss but after the menopause, the percentage rises to almost 40%.

Hair loss is a big problem for many people because it is unaesthetic and many treatments appeared on the market. But, as I said earlier, people were saying that the hair is falling from a skin disease or things like this so those treatments didn’t really work. They didn’t know the real reason for hair falling. The is promoting the only product that is solving the issues I told you about earlier is Provillus.

Provillus is a 100% natural treatment, made of plants, that helps you treat your thyroid (as a woman) and stops the dihydrotestosterone from getting into your body (as a man).

As you can see there are two different problems at men and women so there are also two different formulas of Provillus: Provillus for Men and Provillus for Women.

Many people used Provillus as a treatment for hair loss and were really pleased because it really works. It is not a joke or a lie. It is the best product on the actual market that fights against hair loss and promotes a healthy, beautiful, strong and thick hair and it is really worth a try. Trust me.

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